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Conditions PCR test and PCR Saliva test

Conditions PCR test and PCR Saliva test

Important information PCR (saliva) test! Please read the information below carefully first. If you have a PCR saliva test taken, we ask that you do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 30 minutes before taking the test.

PCR results are sent daily between 9:00 PM and midnight.
At the test locations below, you will receive the test result the same day (between 9 p.m. and midnight), from Monday to Saturday, only if you have been tested before 10 a.m.

• Amsterdam Fashion Hotel
• Amsterdam Art Hotel
• The Hague Zilverstraat

At the test locations below, PCR results are sent the same day (between 9:00 PM and midnight) from Monday to Saturday, only if you are tested before 11:00 AM

• Bergschenhoek
• Delft
• Oud Beijerland
• Rotterdam Airport
• Pijnacker

If you have the test taken on Saturday after 11:00 or on Sunday, you will receive the results on Monday evening between 21:00 and 24:00. For a PCR throat/nose swab, you can contact us by phone if you have the test taken on Saturday afternoon or Sunday and you need the results earlier. This does not apply to the PCR saliva.
At the test locations below, you will receive the PCR test result the next day (between 9 p.m. and midnight), provided you:

• Kampen

On Monday to Friday, have the PCR test administered before 6 p.m. On Saturday, have the PCR test administered before 1 p.m.

At the test locations below, you will receive the PCR test result the next day (between 9 p.m. and midnight), provided you:

• Velp

On Monday to Saturday, the PCR test has to be taken before 16:00.

If you test after the times indicated above, you will receive the results the following evening between 21:00 and 24:00.

SpeedCovidTest is not responsible for any delays and/or lab re-analysis. We perform the tests accurately at one of our locations and then transfer the test to the laboratory where the analysis will take place. When we have received the result from the laboratory, we automatically forward it to the Client.

Which countries require a PCR Corona test? And how long in advance?

Below you will find an overview of countries where a negative PCR test result is required on arrival.

It is important to know that the situation changes every day. You should consult the current information yourself via the website of the central government.

NAAT PCR Sneltest

Country Submit test result before departure

Aruba 72 uur

Azerbaijan 48 uur

Bahama’s 10 Dagen

Barbados 72 uur

België 72 uur

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba 72 uur

Brazilië 72 uur

Cambodja 72 uur

Canarische Eilanden 72 uur

China 72 uur

Colombia 96 uur

Comoren 72 uur

Costa Rica 72 uur

Curaçao 72 uur

Cyprus 72 uur

Denemarken 72 uur

Dominicaanse Republiek 5 dagen

Dubai 96 uur

Duitsland 48 uur

Ecuador 7 dagen

Egypte 72 uur

Ethiopië 72 uur

Gabon 5 dagen

Grenada 7 dagen

Griekenland 72 uur

Honduras 72 uur

Indonesië 72 uur

Iran 96 uur

Italië 48 uur

Ivoorkust 7 dagen

Japan 72 uur

Kenia 96 uur

Koeweit 96 uur

Kroatië 48 uur

Libanon 96 uur

Liberia 72 uur

Marokko 72 uur

Nigeria 5 dagen

Oeganda 72 uur

Pakistan 96 uur

Portugal, Madeira/Azoren 72 uur

Rusland 72 uur

Rwanda 72 uur

Saint Lucia 7 dagen

Senegal 5 dagen

Servië 48 uur

Soedan 72 uur

Spanje 72 uur

Sri Lanka 72 uur

Suriname 72 uur

Taiwan 72 uur

Thailand 72 uur

Turkije 72 uur

Uruguay 72 uur

Verenigde Arabische Emiraten 96 uur

Vietnam 5 dagen

How is a PCR test taken for you?

Our certified COVID-19 testers always ask about the nature of your complaints and are happy to help you.


You will arrive at the agreed time, protected with a mouth cap. You show your ID and are then escorted to a seat where the tester asks you to remove your mouth cap from your nose.

cotton swab

The tester will prepare the test and will then insert a cotton swab into your nose for 3 seconds. Then another cotton swab is placed in your pharynx, after which it is removed.

The result

The PCR test is sent to a RIVM approved laboratory. At most locations you will receive the test result the same day if you have the test taken before 11:00 and in Amsterdam before 10:00. Important! Read the condition carefully when booking an appointment.

Tested positive?

You will receive the test result by email in a secure environment. Have you tested positive? Then the GGD urgently requests that you go into isolation and keep your distance from your housemates.

Testen COVID-19 vanuit de auto PCR

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I change my appointment?

    You can change appointments by sending an email to [email protected] Appointments can be changed no later than 3 hours before the original reservation time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change an appointment within 3 hours.

  • Do I also receive a travel certificate with an antigen test?
    Yes! With all our rapid tests (except the antibody test) you will receive a travel certificate (PFD) that you can show on your phone or print out.
  • Is the PCR Saliva Test Reliable?
    The regular PCR test is the gold standard worldwide. The examination of the sample when taking the PCR Saliva test is done in the same way as with the regular PCR test. For this, Speed ​​Covid Test works together with laboratories Pro Health and TLR International Laboratories. The PCR saliva test is a test approved by the RIVM. Important! In case you want to travel, you should check yourself whether a country accepts the PCR Saliva test. Regulations concern the type of test and travel changes regularly.
  • I must be tested 24/48/72 hours before flight, is this from receipt or result?
    The time starts from DECREASE. So keep in mind that if you have to be tested 24 hours in advance, you pay attention to the time of purchase. If this does not work with a PCR test, you can also order an emergency PCR from us, which will give you the results within 3 hours.
  • How does the Rush PCR work?
    Our urgent PCR is analyzed in our own laboratory, a “run” takes 1.5 hours, but to prevent any re-analysis and to give the logistics service some space, we give the margin of 4 hours. It is also possible that due to delays and an analysis that takes a little longer than usual, it can take a little longer than 3 hours, but if this is the case we will always keep you informed.

Under the supervision of a doctor (BIG)

Our services are carried out according to the RIVM guidelines. We are working under the supervision of:

Drs. I.R. Madijokromo-Ramlal
BIG-number: 59045296101


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