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Travel Certificate

Need a travel certificate?

You may have to travel abroad for whatever reason. Nowadays it is mandatory to present a health certificate upon arrival in the country.
In this way you show that you are not infected with the coronavirus and you can enter the country.

COVID-19 test resultaten op reis

Antigen and PCR Test

With only the antigen test you are eligible for the travel certificate valid for 27 European countries in the event of a negative result. With the PCR test you are also eligible for the travel certificate for international use in the event of a negative result. When boarding, you must present the travel certificate. Each country has its own conditions.

Negative COVID-19 result

With the rapid antigen test, you will receive the results via email within 15 minutes via a secure environment. With the PCR test, this differs in the time that you have the test taken on location. At certain locations it is possible to test before 11.00 and receive the result and travel certificate the same day.

Which test do I need then?

The requirements per country are different. Many countries outside the EU now require a negative PCR-Test result.

COVID-19 op reis vakantie

Difference PCR and Antigen test

The difference between the PCR and the antigen test is quite simple. The PCR Test is examined by Laboratories and also searches for the smaller substances (spikes) of the coronavirus. With the PCR you can therefore determine whether the coronavirus is present.

The antigen test is most effective when you really have complaints, the Antigen Test measures the proteins of the Coronavirus. In proportion, the proteins are larger than the micron particles that the PCR test can measure.
That is why you can exclude the result within 15 minutes with an Antigen Test and with the PCR test it takes a little more time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it cost to cancel my appointment?

    Canceling an appointment costs €10,- including VAT and will be deducted from the refunded amount.

  • What do I need to bring to the appointment?

    To your appointment you should bring:

    -A valid ID or passport, this goes for all ages.

    Note: a copy, photo or digital ID will not be accepted

    -A mask

    -Your reservation confirmation that you received by email.

  • How can I change my appointment?

    Changing appointments is done by sending an email to info@speedcovidtest.nl. Appointments can be changed no later than 3 hours before the original booking time. Within 3 hours it is unfortunately not possible to change an appointment. Canceling an appointment costs €10,- including VAT and will be deducted from the refunded amount.

  • Are these tests reliable?

     Speed Covid Test exclusively works with CE European and RIVM verified tests. Our PCR tests are of the global golden standard. Speed Covid Test only works with laboratories that are verified by the RIVM to examine the PCR tests.

  • I must be tested 24/48/72 hours before flight, is this from receipt or result?

    The time limit is set for the moment your test was TAKEN. Take note that if you have to be tested 24 hours before your flight, you book your test appointment 24 hours before departure at the earliest.

    If this doesn’t work with the standard economy PCR test (results within 12 hours), we also offer rapid PCR tests;

    Business: results within 4 hours.

    Priority: results within 20 minutes.

  • How does the Rush PCR work?
    Our urgent PCR is analyzed in our own laboratory, a “run” takes 1.5 hours, but to prevent any re-analysis and to give the logistics service some space, we give the margin of 4 hours. It is also possible that due to delays and an analysis that takes a little longer than usual, it can take a little longer than 3 hours, but if this is the case we will always keep you informed.

Under the supervision of a doctor (BIG)

Our services are carried out according to the RIVM guidelines. We are working under the supervision of:

Drs. I.R. Madijokromo-Ramlal
BIG-number: 59045296101


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